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Founded in Barcelona in 2006, Andrés Sáenz Interior Design has been instrumental in assisting in a broad range of interior design projects for the hospitality, commercial, and residential sectors. This professional journey began with private clients in Barcelona, Spain, and has now evolved into a more international design group.  In 2008, Andres expanded the company into new markets including Bogota, Colombia and The United States.


The company collaborated with a group of designers, architects and engineers.  As a team, they have successfully implemented and executed projects with an interdisciplinary focus on design and architectural aesthetics. 

In Colombia, Andrés's focus was primarily on large-scale projects, which included hotel chains, sport centers, and residential condominiums. 


With the possibility of multiple projects running simultaneously between two different continents, it was determined that a centralized core unit was needed to focalize the company, and create a main center for the team.  The New York City location was born by a group consisting of Andrez Saenz, new partner Neus Burillo, as well as team collaborators Andrea Schimansky and Chris Kozar since 2012. Under one centralized location - Manhattan, together they are able to manage an increased workload of active projects in New York, and continue collaborating with brands like Cement Design and Minima Arquitectos in Spain and Colombia.


Andrés Sáenz Inteior Design prides on its reputation for being an innovative architectural design company with an international sensibility; a fresh, contemporary and energetic approach to design solutions while maintaining impeccable professionalism in a humanistic way. 



The mind behind the vision:  Andrés Sáenz




The story:


Originally from Bogotá Colombia, Andres developed an international consciousness at a very early age when his family moved to Miami, Florida.  He continued to travel back and forth from the US to Columbia during his childhood and teenage years.  During his travels, Andres developed a passion for art, design, architectural structures and furniture.  At 18, Andres worked as a sales representative for an established fashion designer in Miami. Although he was happy to be in a professional design space, Andres couldn’t shake his desire for interior design and as a result he offered to redesign the apartment of his employer. The apartment was a one-bedroom dwelling located in the Art Deco District of Miami.  What started out as merely a pet project, turned into a very well received creative effort, and as a result, Andres' interior designs were published in local Miami publications.  He was praised for transforming the apartment into a beautifully designed contemporary and functional living space. He was also recognized for his impeccable attention to details, and his ability to tell a story with his ideas and solutions.  This serendipitous experience was the catalyst for Andres’ long career in interior design.


In 2000, Andres took a “leap of faith” and moved to Barcelona Spain, to further his design education.  In order to help pay for his education, he rented a 4 bedroom apartment in an older building and transformed it into a functional contemporary living space that attracted many design students from all over the world.  The apartment became one of the most sought after places to rent for students as it garnished a reputation for “one of the best places to live.”  It was at this time that Andres realized that his vision as an interior designer had an international appeal and would give birth to his future professional ventures. All of Andres’ hard efforts paid off. He graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts from the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona while also receiving an Interior Design  Professional Degree from the Escola Massana.  In 2006, he received a grant to work in Torino, Italy.  He gained further experience working on large-scale interior design projects with the Architecture and Urbanism Department in the Interior Design for public kindergarten schools in Torino.    


Armed with official professional experience, Andres pursued his vision to create an interior design company that represented the contemporary design values and standards that he believed in.  He wanted a company that stood for not only excellence in design, but also one that gave clients more than what was expected.  In 2006 he founded METRICK Designs in Barcelona. During the company’s early years, Andres worked on numerous residential as well as commercial projects.  Andres continued his international trajectory to evolve METRICK Designs into an international design powerhouse by returning to Colombia in 2008 to focus on new markets and possibilities.  It was in Colombia that METRICK Designs partnered with Minima Arqiutectos, a well know architectural bureau, to implement corporate and retail design solutions.  In 2009, Andres reconnected with a university colleague, Neus Burillo, who was managing her own interior design company in New York City at the time.  Together they became partners for the current METRICK Designs and New York became the international hub for the company.    


He recently collaborated as an interior designer for Ligne Roset NYC. 




Andres Saenz’ Past Work Experience:



Interior Design and lighting Consultancy
Residential Project - Private House | Sevres, Paris - 2,600 sf. 2011-2012.


Angelo's Shoe and Leather Specialist
Retail project - Interior Design and Project Management | 666  5 th Avenue, Lower level, New York - 1,200 sf. 2011 - 2012.

Private 3 story House
Residential Project - Interior Design, Project Management and Final Decoration | Queens - 1,800 sf. 2011.

Microfloor - Show Room
Planning and Programming, Interior Design and Project Management | Barcelona , C/ Diputacion - 1,200 sf. 2011.

Thematic Children Hairdresser - Hairdresser Chain
Proposal for Interior Design | Bogotá - Calle 109 - 2010.

Private Residential Client
Residential Project - Interior Design and Project Management | Ave Diagonal Barcelona - 2,200 sf. 2010.

Santa Clara Hotel - Hotel Chain
Proposal for Interior Design / Rooms and Lobby | Cartagena de Indias, Ciudad Antigua, 2009.

Galeria Framing & Art - Framing and Art gallery store

Retail project - Interior Design and Furniture Design | 666 5 th Av. Lower level, New York - 800 sf. 2009.

Kalasalada Show Room - Residential Complex

Interior Design, Furniture Design, Project Management and Procurement Services | Cartagena de Indias , Ciudad Antigua - 1,000 sf. 2009.

Gold Gym - Sport Clubs Franchise

Interior Design and Project Management | Carrera 15, Bogota - 6,500 sf. 2008.

Residential Condos - Property Developer

Interior Designand Decoration, Furniture Design, Project Management and Procurement Services | Tivoli Building, Bogotá  - 8,500 sf. 2008.

Residential Project - Private Residential Client

Interior Design and Project Management | C/ Condal, 19, Barcelona  - 900 sf. 2007.

Residential Project - Private Residential Client

Interior Design and Project Management Services | C/ Verdi, 70 - Gracia, Barcelona - 500 sf. 2007.

Public Kindergarten Schools - C ittà di Torino

Planning, Programming and Conceptual Interior Design | Torino - 22,800 sf. 2006.




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