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The Flea Market Hunt

As an interior designer I look for decor items in locations beyond the usual stores and e-commerce site. Flea markets are one of the outlets where I can find unique pieces. The main attraction to flea markets is the idea of the unexpected, it creates a feeling of adventure and as we say in spanish "incognito".

I went to my firstnflea market with my family in Miami at the age of five. This experience helped me gain an appreciation for the market as I developed the skills to find items that can add character to a space.

A flea market is a place to find great accents to stylize your space and make it your own. Before going to a flea market it is important to have an idea of where the accent pieces will go, this will facilitate the management of your spending. My favorite items are usually small and colorful such as vases, sculptures, or other trinkets.

Check out this bright yellow vase from last weekend's Metrick Flea Market Hunt!

A good piece of porcelain will always bring character to your space, especially if it's an invention of the people of the ancient Chinese empires.

Two major types of porcelain were recognized in the empire. Xing porcelain of the north in Hebei Province gained fame both in the empire and in the West during the mid-Tang Dynasty. It is believed that Xing porcelain was produced in the counties of Lincheng, Neiqiu and Xingtai.

I would stage this vase on top of a medium dark wood table, maybe a walnut or a cherry wood, or charcoal color to contrast it. A great way to know what accent colors may work for the space is to pick a deep color from one of the fabric/upholstered or rugs in the room. I would not place it into a space with bright colors, unless it is a beach house.

I also fell in love with these Nigerian Bronze Statues, which are a great element to give an ethnic touch to your space, they can most likely be integrated with any chromatics, it would look great with reds, yellows, black and of course any shade of white.

The Benin Bronzes are a group of more than a thousand commemorative metal plaques that decorated the royal palace of the Benin Kingdom in modern-day Nigeria. Collectively, the Bronze form the best known examples of Benin art, created by the Edo people from the thirteenth century, which also included other sculptures in brass or bronze, including some famous portrait heads and smaller pieces.

Everyone should have an item from a flea market in their space, even if you don’t need any object in particular, you may find that piece that would fit perfectly in that specific space. Objects from a Flea Market can be transcendent, unique, they can be full of history, and in some cases they can be undervalued, or vice versa, but this is where your negotiations skills should come along. I personally enjoy visiting a flea market in every new city I travel to (if they have one), I think this is a place where you can experience part of the essence of the culture. It is also a great place to find unique souvenirs at affordable prices.

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