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Top Three Smart Tech Home Products

This month we are dedicating our blog to “Products”, last week we featured objects from a Flea Market and the tips on how to style your space at affordable prices and unique experience.

Today we are inspired by technology and the important role it's playing in our daily routine, as you never know when it's going to surprise you and improve your life!!

Our first product is this new LUTRON dimmer PRO. It supports higher wattages and more load types, it’s compatible with incandescent, CFL, and LED lighting. You can also control them with dedicated apps like the new “Apple HomeKit” that allows you to control the lighting in your space by voice command like “Siri”, or link them to a hub. This feature can be very convenient saving you time, money and Energy.

Every element in your space is important, but lighting can be one of the most defining aspects in decorating or when creating a “moment”. Dimmers can turn a home office that requires bright light to a Zen space for relaxation, these options are a few of many that can be achieved by controlling the amount of light and brightness in a room. Diming the light can make your space cozy and charming, making you feel always comfortable at home.


Number two on our list is the Backsplash display screen. If you are looking for inspiration to start cooking and take advantage of your beautiful Kitchen, maybe you should consider changing your backsplash to one of these; a Digital Display Screen that will replace the tiles on the wall. This fantastic idea can be very inspiring, useful and entertaining at the same time, you can look up recipes on line, take a video call while sautéing, or entertain your friends with your last vacation video while serving wine, these are some of the hundreds of possibilities and great features of practically having a “water proof” TV behind your sink.

The ANLO Kitchen Display can be fitted to most kitchen systems, it comes in a 13-foot LED touch computer screen, these are its main futures; surveillance/TV/Internet, Skype, multi-view screens, operated by iPad, iPhone and control panel technology, music through Sonos among others.


Our third and my favorite product is the SmartPot from Click and Grow, a planter that dispenses water and nutrients for your plants for one entire month, perfect for gourmet followers and hobby cooks who like to use fresh and natural herbs and spices, but don’t have the time to water them every day.

This amazing pot uses innovative NASA-inspired technology that helps the herbs grow a little faster but still 100% naturally. SmartPot's specially developed Smart soil balances oxygen, water and nutritional ingredients at an optimal level. It’s nature at its purest!

It also has an LED light, adjustable lamp that grows as the plant grows, seeds genetics and High Tech Dual Fertilizer among others.

Among the nice features and advantages of having your personal grove with the SmartPot, having plants in your kitchen can bring that fresh atmosphere and sense of “life” that can only be achieved with flowers; this is pretty much like styling your kitchen with natural plants, but with the pros of artificial plants, you almost forget they exist, but you know they bring that nice touch to the space.

So don’t think twice about growing your own herbs and spices the easiest way possible, while watching and cooking your favorite recipes from that TV show live. Don’t forget to adjust the light with the brightest amount needed for cooking, then invite your friends over for dinner, play that video you all enjoy watching together and dim the lights to create a chill and warm atmosphere!

Having a “Smart-Home” can be very efficient, clean, and can bring a lot of comfort to your home/life, but on the other side it can turn your space into a cold, minimal and Tech-home that could feel very futuristic and empty, so don’t forget to always balance it with traditional and personal elements so that you can always have that cozy feeling.

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