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At Andrés Sáenz, we apply a humanistic and personal approach to each project; our mission is to deliver an exceptional experience, offering design solutions that fit your needs and lifestyle. We are "one stop shopping" as we are committed to coordinating and organizing the project scope in all phases, and by pushing the design and architectural limits.


Our combined passion for contemporary design drives us to strive for the greatest possible design solutions for your space, assuring exceptional results. Each client has unique necessities and taste, to which we are committed to delivering the best personalized solutions and ideas.


Embrace the challenges that come associated with each project at Andrés Sáenz. We have a team of some of the best professionals on board to facilitate an efficient, pleasant, and purposeful experience for every party involved. We have a professional edge at design and project management by giving special interest to each detail. Our team serves as the project leads during all phases of the execution process.  


We are focused on  encouraging our client’s satisfaction at all times, no matter what phase of the process, or how big the project may be. We are committed to always have our team available to you and devoted to the project with total commitment and exemplary professionalism. 


Our goal is to provide fun, fresh and spirited contemporary design spaces, with our innovative design solutions that promote a great lifestyle with form and functionality. We continue to push the limits GOING BEYOND FULL MEASURE...



" Andres has strong listening and analytical skills and went to great lengths to view the apartment, understand our characters and interests and what we were hoping to achieve. His recommendations reflect these great skills as my wife and I have been very satisfied with the ultimate outcome. "


- Lina Deng, August 2014












" From the first day that I met with him, he distinguished himself with ideas, thoroughness and follow-through. He not only came up with creative ideas, but adapted them to my needs and implemented what I wanted. His follow up and attention to detail throughout the process was terrific. He is easy to deal with and take responsibility for his work to the very end. I highly recommend him. "


- Anna Geller, May 2014










"  He helped me create the look I always imagined for my living room. He understands what people are looking for and comes up with loads of options to fit the style/budget. Another great thing about him is his honesty. He never misled about anything - prices, timing, etc, and went out of the way to make it an overall exciting experience. "


- Residencial Client, October 2014










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